Frank Smith at KUTX 4.11.13

Frank Black

In a move that’s so ironic that it should be expected at this point, Austin band Frank Smith doesn’t have any members named “Frank” or “Smith.” Instead, it’s six guys with other names, who play some solid country rock. The band was formed in Boston in 2002, first playing under the name LaGuardia. After a name change, a lineup change, and a location change, the group found themselves in Austin just in time for SXSW 2007. Right now, Frank Smith is on a war path. Having just released an album last year, they released another one just last week. Their new record, Nineties, came out on April 2nd, and is filled with the country rock you expect from the band.

On Saturday, Frank Smith will play a show at Holy Mountain. Today, they were in Studio 1a to record a live session exclusively for KUTX. Check it out HERE!

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