Ghost Wolves 9.4.19

Photo by Julia Reihs/KUTX

Carley Wolf had an atypical childhood growing up with wolf-hybrid dogs on her family’s Texas ranch. So it was only fitting that when her and Jonny Wolf were naming their duo in 2011, they would name themselves Ghost Wolves, paying homage to Carley’s past animals and the duo’s surname. Since then, they’ve wowed international audiences with their unique sound imbued with blues, early American music, punk, and most prominently – Texas rock and roll.

The duo is releasing their new 7″ with Third Man Records on September 6th, and they stopped by Studio1A to give us a sneak peek!

Host: Laurie Gallardo

Audio: Cliff Hargrove

Producer: Deidre Gott


Ghost Wolves

Full Session with Interview

Ghost Wolves

\"Crooked Cop\"

Ghost Wolves

\"Day Will Follow Dawn\"

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