Go Fever 11.30.21

Michael Minasi

Say it ain’t so! In their recent visit to Studio 1A, Go Fever frontwoman Acey Monaro announced that she and her husband Ben Burdick are relocating to Long Beach, California in order to finish a stalled undergraduate degree. But fans shouldn’t be concerned. The couple plan to return to Austin regularly to play with the band, and are already dreaming up a new concept album to follow 2021’s Velvet Fist.

Like so many projects hatched during the early months of the pandemic, Velvet Fist spent some time in limbo as Acey and Ben decamped to her native Australia and stages across the world went dark. Not content to let their hard work gather dust, the band reconvened in 2021 and released Velvet Fist on October 8th via Nine Mile Records. KUTX Music Editor Jeff McCord called it “bracing hook-laden indie rock, where auto-tune is vanquished, guitars aren’t shy, and neither is Monaro, powering track after track into a thrilling frenzy.”

Go Fever brought the frenzy to Studio 1A last week for a three-song set that perfectly captures the band’s idiosyncratic style. Joshua Merry and Keith Lough’s guitars bounce between New Wave solos and chugging punk, while Acey’s sardonic lyrics invite the listener to celebrate the awkward side of life.

Get weird with Go Fever this Saturday, December 11 at Empire Garage and Control Room for Nine Mile Record’s 15th-anniversary party, with Sweet Spirit and The Deer.

Album: Velvet Fist
Label: Nine Mile Records

Set List:
“Long Run” “FYI” “Amargosa”

Acey Monaro: vocals; Ben Burdick, bass; Danny Blanchard, Drums; Joshua Merry, guitar; Keith Lough, guitar


Engineer: Jake Perlman; Producer: Deidre Gott; Cameras: Gabriel C. Pérez, Michael Minasi, Patricia Lim, Frank Christenson; Video Edit: Gabriel C. Pérez

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