Grisha Goryachev at KUTX

A child star guitarist in St. Petersburg, Russia, Grisha Goryachev is now internationally esteemed for his remarkable classical and flamenco guitar virtuoso. Goryachev began playing as young as six years old and quickly became known far and wide for his prodigious skill. Goryachev was taught by his father, Dmitry, a master teacher and player of classical guitar. When his father was able to obtain some copies of Flamenco music Goryachev fell in love. He has said the music moved him to tears. Although his access to flamenco music was limited and most of what he could get his hands on was pirated, it didn’t stop Goryachev from becoming a flamenco master. To this day he is one of the few guitarists in the world that plays solo flamenco guitar in a concert setting. Listen to our recent set with Grisha Goryachev right here!

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