Jesca Hoop 2.16.17

A song you’ve never heard comes on the radio. It kind of sounds like folk, but is it? It must be! Acoustic guitars, songs about lost love, nailed it. But wait, what’s this ambient reverb-driven chorus? And what’s up with all these wacky jazz chords? Why is it so wild but at the same time organic and familiar? WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME?!?! Jesca Hoop is happening to you. Try not to enjoy it too much. Jesca Hoop’s story is just about as fascinating as her music is; born to Mormon parents, she left the religion when she was 16 and spent her youth off the grid “living under trees.” After a stint as a wilderness guide for wayward teens, she moved to LA to nanny Tom Waits’ kids. Tom and his wife Kathleen Brennan gave her space to work, and her career exploded from there. Jesca’s most recent album Memories are Now is like folk written by someone who loves Herbie Hancock and Stevie Ray Vaughan, but has an ear for the experimental in a big way. Jesca shook some brains at Studio 1A, check out her session below to have your brain shaken too!

– James Parker

**Upcoming Shows**

2/26 – w/ Dana Falconberry at Austin City Limits Live, 8:30

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