JoDee Purkeypile at KUTX 4.22.13

JoDee Purkeypile

It’s important to note that in a world of artists who take up crazy names for their solo projects, JoDee Purkeypile is not one of them. When your name is that distinctive, there’s no need for some fancy moniker. The singer-songwriter decided to kick off a solo career with his band, The Alice Rose, had run its course. As with his band, Purkeypile’s solo work takes influence from everything from britpop to grunge to create something wholly new while also sounding familiar.

JoDee Purkeypile’s second solo album, Messenger, came out earlier this year to great reviews. Wednesday night, he’ll play a show at the Scoot Inn. Today, he was in Studio 1a to to play us a few songs off his new album. Listen to the result of that session RIGHT HERE!

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