Lisa LeBlanc 11.01.18

Montreal-made musician Lisa LeBlanc captivates her audience with her singing, guitar-playing, and banjo strumming artistry. LeBlanc is notorious for her relatability through narratives that explore heartbreak, friendships, and windy tales of love. Her personal interpretation of folk/rock rambles in nature yet retains an unmatched sincerity that leaves audiences feeling like are listening in on pure conversation. Lisa’s genuine storytelling and banjo playing tugs the heartstrings of many across both America and Canada, which guided her to achieve platinum-status in her home country–Canada.

Her latest project is titled Why You Wanna Leave, Runaway Queen? which borrows elements following a tour she did in America. The 12-track album blends her original genre style with Americana and Bluegrass components that revitalized her producing capabilities. Lisa LeBlanc and her band will be playing day one at UTOPiA Fest. You can hear her full Studio 1A session and interviews down below!


11/1 @UTOPiA Fest – Friday, 5pm


Broadcast Credits:
Host: Laurie Gallardo
Producer: Deidre Gott
Broadcast Engineer: Jake Perlman, Cliff Hargrove
Camera: Gabriel C. Pérez, Jenan Taha
Edit: Jenan Taha, Gabriel C. Pérez

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