Lola Tried 2.13.17

On paper, Lola Tried is one of many pop/indie rock bands in Austin. But as soon as you turn on any of their tunes, it’s easy to tell they’ve got something unique. Their recent release Popsicle Queen is a tight collection of 5 songs that have a youthful energy that can’t be ignored. Lola Tried is the project of Lauren Burton, a local singer/songwriter who’s simultaneously gritty and melodic vocals add another facet to the already layered and dynamic songs. The rest of the ensemble, Ray Garza on keys and guitar, Ray Flynt on drums, and Greg Spencer on bass, not only give Lauren a solid foundation to work with, but add a quality to the songs that only truly talented musicians can offer. Lola Tried stopped by Studio 1A to show us some tracks on their new album.

– James Parker

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