Lord Buffalo @ KUTX 5.12.14

Imagine being taken back to a time much simpler than this, a time when the land was full of dirt trails, and live music was only sang by the weary. You’ve just hopped on a freight train to get over to the next state, when the people in the cart begin to stomp their feet. They fill the air with wallowing echoes, heavy pounding on a single drum, and words of longing and pain. This is the nostalgic tone that Lord Buffalo permeates.  This local Austin band has been bustling around the great states, and all of Texas, since they released their self-titled EP in 2012. They sound like a band of drifters with a booming sound that shakes the venue’s floorboards and inspires your foot to stomp. This grand, rustic sound is created by lead vocalist and rhythm guitar player, Daniel Jesse Pruitt,  lead guitar player, Garrett Jeffrey Hellman, violinist and whiskey bottle player, Patrick John Patterson, drummer and vocalist, Devin James Fry, and pedal steel player and banjo strummer, Brockett Travis Hamilton.

Catch their live show on May 30th at The Museum of Human Achievement.

Take a listen to their session that they had with us in Studio 1A!

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