Mele’Uhane Trio 4.16.18

Keikilani, Daniel, and Leo Lindsey form the Mele’Uhane Trio, a father and sons project from Kona on Hawaii’s Big Island that is dedicated to dispersing the spirit of Hawaiian music abroad. The ancestral Lindsey family moved to Hawaii from Scotland in the 1800s as cowherds, but the current Lindseys’ proclaim they are no farmers. Instead, they are nomadic musical powerhouses, trading the Hawaiian life for the touring life. They have experimented with language on their albums, with the first two entirely in the Hawaiian language and their most recent in English. Though some of their songs are in the native Hawaiian language, you don’t need to know the language to be affected by the music. Keikilani’s emotions are easily expressed through the nuance in his voice and he harmonizes perfectly with his sons’ voices and guitars. They are performing an acoustic set at NeWorlDeli on Wednesday evening, April 18th. Check out their Studio 1A Session below!

-Eileen Wolfowicz

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