Mother Falcon 3.9.2016

Austin likes to keep it weird. Different, lively, extraordinary, unique are all words that characterize the city, it’s citizens, and more than anything, Austin’s music scene. Such is the case for the larger-than-life Austin band, Mother Falcon. Deriving their name from a censored TV showing of Die Hard (“Yippee-ki-ay Mother Falcon!”), Mother Falcon’s sound is brilliantly loud, brimming with passion that transcends the notion of a typical orchestra arrangement.  With a contemporary symphonic sound that relates close to the group Devotchka, Mother Falcon’s grandiose music is brought to life with over a dozen members that sing, play the cello, violin, trumpet, saxophone, drums, piano, mandolin, guitar and so much more. Mother Falcon will be taking on SXSW with their 6th annual, All the Friends Ball at Spider House Ballroom on Monday, March 14th, at midnight as part of a 60 act showcase that’s open to all ages.

Mother Falcon was able to stop by Studio 1A on Wednesday and put on an outstanding show. If you weren’t able to listen to their performance you are in luck as you can listen to it here, on KUTX.

-Andrew Conroy

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