NGHT HCKLRS @ KUTX 04.23.2015

by Marla 04.27.2015

Before the band, Dean Mason, Kevin Douglas and Phil Hook were triumphing on separate projects. Mason and Douglas were instrumental in the development for the Austin Music Award winning act Sorne, while Hook provided his trademark ‘big beat’ style drums to many Austin singer/songwriters. Shortly after meeting, the three bonded quickly to form what it known as NGHT HCKLRS. The name was inspired by a conversation with Douglas’ grandfather about his experience in the night air-raid squadron called the Night Hecklers, during his service in the Korean War. It wasn’t until later after playing a few live shows that they discovered the sultry voice of Shala McD to complete the sonic vision of the group.

As the primary producer of the group, Kevin Douglas, describes the music as a “late 70’s/early 80’s futuristic take on what people thought music would sound like in 2015.”

NGHT HCKLRS has been chosen as Spider House Ballroom’s Artist of the Month. They will be performing every Wednesday in April with special guests. Catch them at their next show this Wednesday, April 29, 2015 at 8:00 pm. $3 tickets available at the door.

Click the tracks below to stream their Studio 1A performance.

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