NHD 5.25.17

Crosby, Stills, and Nash better watch out because Nourallah, Harvey, and Dezen are on the scene. While their names may not roll off the tongue quite as easily, their combined songwriting and performing experience aren’t far from to those folk-rockers from the previous generation. All successful and prolific musicians in their own right, Salim Nourallah, Billy Harvey, and Alex Dezen decided to formally join forces after decades of working together as producers and musicians on a wide variety of projects. All that shared history gives the music on their debut album, And The Devil Went Up To Portland, a depth and polish of you would expect to find in long-running bands. Peppered throughout with fun, bouncy guitars and smart, witty lyrics, this trio of exceptionally talented musicians has the potential to produce lots more memorable music. Here’s hoping! Catch their recent session in Studio 1A at the bottom of this post.


5/26 @ The Townsend

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