Pete Yorn 10.9.17

Pete Yorn is back in the songwriting saddle after five years of silence, and we couldn’t be happier. Born in New Jersey, Yorn moved to Los Angeles in 2000 where he tried his luck writing music for film and television. His big break came when he was recruited to score Me, Myself, & Irene. The following year saw the release of his debut album, 2001’s Musicforthemorningafter, which showcased the singer-songwriter’s penchant for emotive guitar pop. After sixteen years and six albums, Pete Yorn latest release, ArrangingTime, marks a conscious return to his stripped-back roots. Recorded in garages and bedrooms, the album might have folk-leanings but it still maintains some of that nostalgia-rock sensibility. Yorn knows when to get orchestral and when to pull back; letting his emotive voice do the heavy lifting. It is his most sonically mature, and impressive work to date. We were lucky enough to host Pete Yorn in Studio 1A, missed the session? Don’t worry we’ve got you covered right here. Check it out below!

– Georgina Cook

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