Ray Bonneville at KUTX 3.25.14

Blues singer-songwriter, Ray Bonneville was a little older before getting proper recognition for his musicianship and aptitude for story telling. It wasn’t that he hadn’t been playing and songwriting before, it was just that he was too busy living life to truly come into his own as an artist. Taxi cab driver, pilot, and pilot trainer are among the jobs he’s worked and Quebec, Boston, Colorado, Alaska, New Orleans, Seattle, Arkansas, and Austin are among some of the places he’s called home. Judging from his recent albums, it’s clear that all that livin’ served a purpose. His upcoming album, Easy Gone (April 15, 2014), shows that life experiences and years of trials and tribulations have given Ray a colorful and meaningful story to tell. Many times Ray’s been called a raconteur and in Easy Gone, Ray certainly lives up to that title. Listening to Ray’s songs, you can expect to hear about a stint in Vietnam, struggles with drug addiction, marital conflicts, and feelings of being lost that we all experience from time to time. In “Where Has My Easy Gone”, Ray sings, “In the heart of a seeker a needle swings/homing on some elusive thing/I looked in the endless sky down along the sea/I could not find my easy.” Be sure to check out Ray Bonneville at our very own Cactus Cafe Saturday March 29!

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