Slaid Cleaves @ KUT 12/3/12

The story of singer-songwriter Slaid Cleaves is a very Austin one. If there’s an American dream, then there’s also an Austin music dream. Artists flock here looking to make a name for themselves, just as Slaid Cleaves did in 1991. Coming from Portland, Maine, Cleaves worked hard in Austin – playing open mics and running sound at the Cactus Cafe – until he struck it big in 2000 with the release of Broke Down. These days, Slaid Cleaves writes and records some fantastic tunes – rock/folk/country numbers with emotionally true music and lyrics. On Friday, Slaid Cleaves will play the Cactus Cafe (the very place he ran sound those years ago). You can hear Slaid Cleaves live on KUT RIGHT HERE!
[audio:|titles=121203 Slaid Cleaves]

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