Soaked 2.9.17

Soaked is a band making music that makes us feel like everything is going to be ok. Listening to their track “Backseat Heat” reminds us that sometimes it’s good to put our problems into a little brown paper bag and leave them there for a night, a night that’s sure to be filled with drunken revelry and shameless dancing. Proudly made up of UT – Austin dropouts, Soaked epitomizes the mid-90’s slacker culture that made Austin so great, and they sound like it too. Their upcoming release, Don’t Wanna Wake Up Today, makes me think that if The Ramones had smartphones, they’d be Soaked. It’s full of youthful energy, clever lyrics, and a driving, infectiously danceable grooves. Soaked stopped by Studio 1A to show us some of their new tunes, check them out below!

– James Parker

**Upcoming Shows**

2/17 – Album Release w/ Goldbloom, Crocodile Tears, and Ben Cissner @ Cheer Up Charlies, 8 pm

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