Strand of Oaks 11.06.19

Photo by Tristan Ipock/KUTX

“Band names come from strange places,” says Strand Of Oaks‘ Timothy Showalter. Strand of Oaks, for example, only came to be after a scientific dictionary was brought out at a party 15 years ago. “We were looking at names of different groupings, and a strand of oaks is the scientific term for a line of oak trees. I thought it was neat, because I have a band, but it’s also me. I built the boat, and I’m the captain of the boat, but many people can fit on the boat as needed. It’s not a solo project, it’s not a band; it kind of lives in a wonderful amorphous zone.”

2019 saw the release of Strand of Oaks’ latest album, Eraserland, and a move from Philadelphia to Austin for Tim – a move he’s wanted to make since first visiting the city years ago. “I’ve travelled about anywhere you can think, and I can say with confidence that my favorite city in the world is now the place I call home.” He’s hitting the ground running as an Austinite with a residency at the Continental Club every Saturday at 8:30 PM throughout November.

Check out Strand of Oaks’ full Studio 1A session and interview below.

Written by Nick Gonzales/KUTX

Host: John Aielli

Producer: Deidre Gott

Audio: Cliff Hargrove


Strand of Oaks

Full Session w/ Interview

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