Strand of Oaks 4.16.19

Timothy Showalter, a singer-songwriter from Philadelphia, is the front man for folk-rock ensemble Strand of Oaks. On tour showcasing his latest project Eraser-land, Strand of Oaks balances slow and heartbreaking lyricism withdrawn and booming instrumentation to form a truly authentic sound for listeners. Timothy takes this instrumentation through sobering pain and nostalgic anguish to deliver intensive songs detailing relational issues, growing old and lonely, and coloring depression. It’s a feat that is incredibly difficult to even discuss, let alone to write and sing about. However, Strand of Oaks does simply that, and without even knowing it you find yourself recalling similar memories from a not so distant past alongside with him. What a beautiful thing to behold.

To listen to this unique and heartfelt sound check out Strand of Oaks full Studio 1A interview and session below, and to listen to their newest record, “Eraserland” click here.

-Felix Kimbrell, KUTX Intern



Strand of Oaks


Strand of Oaks


Strand of Oaks

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