The Blind Pets @ KUTX 10.22.14

The Blind Pets want to melt your ears! The Austin trio dominates with a hard rock sound while retaining the essence of classic rock and punk hooliganism. The distortion-heavy energy of The Blind Pets’ live performances isn’t lost on their studio recordings, so there are plenty of opportunities to thrash out at home or in your car.

The Blind Pets have been steadily making their name the old fashioned way: by selling records and playing shows. Since forming in 2007, The Blind Pets have released three LP’s and a single, and have been known to sell out venues like The White Horse and Stubb’s. Now the band prepares to release their newest record, Heavy Petting, available December 16th. Needless to say, if you’re an Austinite and a self-proclaimed rocker, this is a must-see band. You can catch The Blind Pets’ next show on October 31st at Red 7.

– Jack Anderson

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