The Infinites 4.25.19

Photo by Shea Carley

It’s hard to call an Austin band a supergroup because, by the book, nearly every band here is some sort of supergroup: members from great bands stitching themselves together to create new great bands with more great music. So, with members from Zoltars, AMA, the Hermits, and Ghetto Ghouls (to name a few), we now have the Infinites, who are, inarguably, a super group. Brewing up a sound akin to Belle and Sebastian with early (read: lo-fi) Cut Worms with a garnish of Donovan, their debut release contains 11 vignettes featuring fictional characters experiencing the buffet of experiences life may throw at us. There’s Nina Segovia, smart, funny, sweet, and beloved by all; Scott McMurray who is bored with pedestrian life and longs to find something that moves him; Polly-Anne Parker who suffers from depression, but is able to sometimes pull herself into feeling normal…at least for a day; and Ryan Fontaine, who, trust us, you want to stay the hell away from.

These characters are brought to life through the words of Jared Lebowich as inspired by the laid-back-but-never-boring guitar loops of Dan LeVine. Through years of patience and the addition of Miles Kelly on bass and drummer Sam Jordan, these demos and characters have been given to the world with the deft production and mixing hand of Ian Rundell (also playing guitar on this record). Dive on in.

-Taylor Wallace, Weeknight Host

The Infinities is out now on First Human Records. Their record release show is Friday, May 3rd at Hotel Vegas with Deep Time, Nevil, and Blank Hellscape. 


Host: Taylor Wallace
Producer: Deidre Gott

Engineer: Cliff Hargrove
Cameras: Jorge Sanhueza-Lyon and Precious Parker

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