The Wild Reeds 8.30.17

Three voices are better than one when it comes to The Wild Reeds and their dynamic folk. Formed in 2009 the LA-based quintet is held together by three front women; Kinsey Lee, Sharon Silva and Mackenzie Howe. The ladies swap lead vocal duties, and are famous for their gorgeous harmonies; creating a sort of ethereal ‘fourth voice’. The group makes folk music with a rock n’ roll sensibility; it is dynamic and unpredictable, shifting seamlessly from acoustic harmonies to guitar distortion and hazy shredding. Their latest release The World We Built is a sonically and emotionally mature reflection on the women’s time in music, they’ve left behind youthful songs of love for more meaty subjects; disillusion with the patriarchy, discrimination in the industry, mental illness and coming of age. The very title is a nod to their growth as women and people. Lee, Silva and Howe bring a raw emotion to the stage, and the studio, proving that the voice is the most vulnerable and personal instrument; and the most powerful. The Wild Reeds brought their lovely and triumphant harmonies to Studio 1A, missed the session? Don’t worry we’ve got you covered! Check out the full session below!

– Georgina Cook

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