Tinnarose at KUTX 1.8.14

Seth Sherman

Back in 2011 local guitarist and singer-songwriter Seth Sherman recorded a great contemporary folk album, When The Moment Is True, with Devon McDermott, Morris Ramos, and Drew Schlegel. The group has since adopted a new alias, now calling themselves Tinnarose. The band constructs simple, but carefully crafted folk-rock tunes that tell stories worth a listen. In God Wrote This Song, Seth expresses a loss of happiness and innocence that can accompany getting older, promising the universe to be “Soft and sweet/Soft and sweet/That’s how I’ll live/That’s how I’ll be.”  There’s a lot of finger-picking, like the kind you’d get from Leo Kottke. Most songs seem to pay homage to folks like Neil Young, Harry Nilsson, and Cass McCombs. The band’s first record under the new name is due out this spring. But in the meantime, catch their live studio performance on KUTX tomorrow at 9 p.m.

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