Valerie June at KUTX 2.26.14

The sweetest country drawl you’ve ever heard. That’s Valerie June‘s speaking voice; her singing voice percolates “somewhere between Dolly Parton and Billy Holliday” and has been described as “the most strikingly individual delivery” heard in ages by Andy Gill, a music critic at the British newspaper, The Independent. Perhaps that’s because her sound is such a unique hodge-podge of so many genres– she’s got a country twang, a little touch of folk and blues, and a splash of gospel, soul, Appalachian, and bluegrass. The recipe equates to June’s original flavor, and that flavor is as fresh and sweet as it gets. She’s admitted to having her music referred to as “hillbilly,” but the description that’s continually used is, “organic moonshine roots music.” Call it what you want to call it, it’s divine–the perfect addition to porch parties and backyard rendezvous, an homage to the past, but with a fresh contemporary twist. Check out the Memphis, Tennessee native’s performance with us RIGHT HERE! 


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