World Party @ KUTX 06.26.2015

English alternative outfit World Party continue to exude the warm glow of classic pop.

Led by songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and vocalist Karl Wallinger, World Party first descended upon our ears in the 1980’s, creating a steady fusion of melodically driven, hook-heavy, lyrically intelligent rock and pop. After a long and trying hiatus, due to a brain aneurism Wallinger suffered in 2001, World Party came back with a massive compilation of B-sides, live tracks, demos, outtakes, and new additions called Arkeology. A re-introduction to their catchy body of work, sprinkled with some old-school touches of funk and folk, the 70-odd tracks form an affecting listen, showcasing the group’s missed simplicity and sustained prescience. Since then Wallinger has been working on new material and is set to record an album after the band returns from their current tour.

You can stream World Party’s music right here on KUTX.

World Party in Studio 1A with Jody Denberg

World Party in Studio 1A – “Is It Like Today”

World Party in Studio 1A – “Mystery Girl”

World Party – “Put the Message in the Box”

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