Amy Stroup: “Stare”

Though you may not have known it, you’ve probably already heard Nashville singer-songwriter Amy Stroup in some capacity or another. She’s provided the soundtrack for shows like The Walking Dead and Grey’s Anatomy and national ad campaigns including that of Lexus and Calvin Klein. Of course, this Boston-born, Abilene-raised artist has her own impressive body of solo work that got her to this point, and she’s testing the waters with her upcoming full-length album.

The next step in Stroup’s career Helen of Memphis, coming out on August 10th. Helen of Memphis sees Stroup and her production team taking a new beat-heavy and electronic groove approach for a familiar but fresh sound. Stroup couldn’t help but share a couple singles in advance, so listen to her latest, forget your manners, and go ahead and “Stare”!

Jack Anderson

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