Batty Jr.: “A Little For Later”

This Austin-based four-piece features tired-eyed Texas troubadour Zeke Jarmon, Wild Child founding member Sadie Wolfe, as well as Taylor Turner and Jeff Olson, who together render an uncommon musical perspective of the day-to-day world around us. Whether its eons in the past, a minute into the future, or right in the spur of the moment, Batty Jr.’s lyrics take a slice of life and with their dreamy instrumental arrangements, re-serve it as their own idiosyncratic, observational and introspective dish.

Released this past February, Batty Jr.’s debut album From The Land Of Insofaras totes six songs all recorded live, back-to-back seamlessly – shedding any post-production studio magic in favor of unrepeatable mid-performance moments. The second track off From The Land Of Insofaras, “A Little For Later,” (featuring CAPYAC’s Delwin Campbell on drums) is initially a slow and despondent tune that elevates to a tranquil, harmonized chany…sure to make any indie-folk-rocker go batty for Batty Jr.

 You can listen to Batty Jr. here on and you can catch them on Thursday, April 13th at Swan Dive.

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