Corduroi: “Femme FM”

Austin-based producer and  keyboardist Cody Wilson (better known by the stage name Corduroi) has exponentially unraveled the sonic seams of electronic music since his start almost a decade ago. Over the course of five solo releases, Corduroi has steered further and further away using DAWs like Ableton and increasingly embraced straight-forward, computer-free analog hardware in his compositions. Paired with his experience as one half of the up-and-coming analog duo Trax Rebo, a founding member of electro-funk-hip-hop group Sip Sip and his alter ego Battletoad, Corduroi has discovered and employed a myriad of uses for what some may simply see as “bleeps” and “bloops”.

Corduroi’s latest release, “Femme FM,” (originally composed as a benefit for Planned Parenthood) begins with what sounds like a basic loop from a vintage video game soundtrack but quickly builds up its synth melodies and heavily-automated effects over a steadily bumpin’ beat.

You can catch Corduroi on Saturday, January 14th at Fine Southern Gentlemen.

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