Counterfeit Cowboy: “20 Beers”

Ethan Rios

Happy Fourth of July! As with every Independence Day, you know people are gonna be celebrating loudly, music blaring. If you’re set to watch fireworks from Lady Bird Lake, from experience we can expect a cacophony of sonics from the sea of individual bluetooth speakers. But by and large, across the Lone Star State, we’re foreseeing another July 4th full of country tunes. And while we recognize that country is often stereotyped as that blindly patriotic genre, that stance does overlook all the human nuance and contrasting aspects of American culture that songwriters have innovated with over the decades, no matter how ranch-ready their fashion may be.

So to commemorate our nation’s birthday, let’s crack open a couple cold ones with a handful of righteous DFW dudes – Counterfeit Cowboy. Despite their deceptive handle, these five fellas are actually pretty damn authentic in the Americana country corner of things, as heard in their still-limited discography that just kicked off this May. And we’ll CC y’all on Counterfeit Cowboy’s upcoming couple of live local shows – 8PM on Monday, July 29th at Hole in the Wall and again 8PM the following Monday, August 5th at Sagebrush.

But back to the big holiday. If egregious intake is in the cards for you, number one: enjoy responsibly. Number two: pair your favorite cooler pick with Counterfeit Cowboy’s second ever single that just dropped last week, “20 Beers”. Sure it’s a few shy of a full case but at just short of four minutes, “20 Beers” sates with a “Bad Baby”/Sarah Jaffe type chord progression and the soulful inclusion of wide vocal harmonies, bongos, and keys, all of which will make you want to sip united with your fellow statesmen rather than hog all the cans for yourself.

20 Beers

Counterfeit Cowboy

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