East Cameron Folkcore: “Kingdom Of Fear”

Everything about East Cameron Folkcore is big. They feature eight to twelve band members, depending on the show; their sound is something like a punk rock orchestra; and they tackle messy political issues that are global in reach. But the Austin band formed as the result of a singular, personal tragedy. Frontman Jesse Moore lost friend and fellow musician John Pettis in 2009, and it was a galvanizing moment. Perhaps the Austin Chronicle says it best: “East Cameron Folkcore plays every show as if their lives depended on it.”

On April 7, the group releases its third album, Kingdom Of Fear, and continuing the trajectory, it’s bigger in every way. It’s something of a concept album, with songs seamlessly blending into one another both thematically and melodically. ECF celebrates with a four-night run at the Salvage Vanguard Theater where they’ll present the album as a multimedia experience. On April 6, the Alamo Drafthouse will also screen a film that documents ECF’s local roots and their European fan base. Be sure to catch them live in Studio 1A tomorrow at 3 p.m., and to get you ready, you can download “Kingdom Of Fear” below.

–Art Levy

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