Emily Wolfe: “Ghost Limb”

This week the Song of the Day takes a look at the artists playing KUTX’s stage at the X Games.

Emily Wolfe’s musical story began at 10. That’s not just when the Austin native began singing–she also picked up drums, guitar, piano, and more. Now at 23, the multi-instrumentalist has made a name for herself as one of the rising talents in the local scene. She’s also proved that she isn’t afraid of growth and change.

Wolfe’s 2012 debut, Director’s Notes, was a sparse, largely-acoustic record, but the follow-ups have been anything but. Working with Spoon’s longtime producer Mike McCarthy, Wolfe’s pair of 2013 EPs amped up the sound, adding a full band to Wolfe’s strong songwriting. She sounds just as adept with the volume turned up, highlighting the sing-along tendencies of her songs. A few months back, Wolfe stopped by our Studio 1A with the band to show off her new sound. On “Ghost Limb,” the distorted guitars mix with the harmonies of Wolfe and keyboardist Hannah Hagar, making for a combination that’s sweet but jagged.

Catch Emily Wolfe at the X Games on Sunday, June 8 at 1:15 pm.

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