Golden Dawn Arkestra: “Allo Allo Boom”

If you’re a hardcore jazz fan, a quick glance at the name “Golden Dawn Arkestra” might make you scoff. I mean…can they do that?! Just infringe on Sun Ra’s legacy?! Well you can cool your spit valve, Coltrane, because although this ensemble does mimic Sun Ra’s intergalactic mythos and Ancient Egyptian-inspired wardrobe, they’re a lot less about ethereal free jazz and a lot more about high-energy disco-funk-afro-beat.

Their solar-powered sound and striking, psychedelic shows have earned Golden Dawn Arkestra a sea of disciples since their formation and just last Friday they teamed up with us to unfurl a brand new music video. Golden Dawn Arkestra is about to spend a couple months touring Western Europe, but you can say hello to a new explosion of sound with, “Allo Allo Boom”!

Jack Anderson

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