Ladyfang: “Sidewalk”

It’s almost been a full decade since four glam rockers got together and started their Austin-based indie-alt-pop-rock affair A Case For Brooklyn. That baby tooth of a band name fell out in 2016 and has since been replaced by a more permanent handle: Ladyfang. Ladyfang’s also maintained a high standard of songwriting, giving us bite-sized singles one at a time rather than jawbreaking records full of fluff.

On their latest single “Sidewalk” (produced by Chris “Frenchie” Smith at The Bubble) Ladyfang harnesses a Four Loko’s worth of rage fuel with an aggressive instrumental bridge that’d blow away most ’80s metal bands. So get ready to rock out with these cultured cuspids 9PM tomorrow night at ABGB along with Being Dead. Just don’t get lost in the sauce and slink your bones off on the sticky asphalt.



Ladyfang: “Sidewalk”

Jack Anderson

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