Midnight Sister: “Leave You”

Photo by Nicky Giraffe

There’s an interesting kind of honesty that comes from wearing one’s own influences like a badge of honor, especially when you can make it sparkle in its own right. Juliana Giraffe, one half of this San Fernando Valley duo, was raised by her LA disc jockey dad on disco and David Bowie. She wears those influences like chevrons, reinventing the sound into something new and purely Midnight Sister. Coupled with Ari Balouzian’s classical-traning-turned-askew, this outfit comes at you with haunting, indie-pop sex appeal.

“Leave You” is the duo’s debut single, sending their first transmitter signal out into the indieverse. Like something from a Jon Brion score smeared with black-glitter eyeshadow to create a smokey, lofty atmosphere without sounding too bright or optimistic. Mellow and dreamy, this tune is packed with layers, but leaves plenty of space to let your ear float amongst them. The drum syncopation at the end will have you fawning.

“Leave You” is on Jagjagwar Records and available now via the group’s Bandcamp. Check out the music video here.

-Taylor Wallace

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