Mndsgn: “Deviled Eggs”

For the past decade, L.A. experimental hip-hop producer Ringgo Ancheta has been altering the mental states of willing listeners as Mndsgn, pronounced “mind design”. And true to his name, Mndsgn’s thumping yet dreamy instrumental tracks are engaging enough to listen to for hours but still leave plenty of space to absorb, reflect, and simply be.

Tomorrow Mndsgn pays homage to one of his musical idols with a beat tape in the vain of J Dilla’s classic Donuts. Brief, eclectic and decidedly more fun than it is ethereal, the fourteen tracks on Snaxx will sate the appetites of Mndsgn fans while he works on a moodier full-length, projected for a 2020 release date. Mndsgn plays at Come and Take It Live late next month and today you can get a free sample from Snaxx with “Deviled Eggs”!

Jack Anderson

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