Rosie & the Riveters: “Ms. Behave”

A name like Rosie & the Riveters paints a fairly specific image in your head. You think of a vintage sound, a majority or completely female outfit, and some sharp-tongued lines in songs with a lot of real talk. If that’s about what you’ve got in your head, go all in with that hand because that’s exactly what these Canadian female dynamos deliver. Back with their sophomore LP Ms. Behave, the trio returns with each member more developed individually and more gelled collectively. Their stark difference in approach to this album is reflected probably the most in the lyrics. Their debut featured a lot of songs that were positive and inspiriting, but the 3 or so years between the albums afforded ample time to contemplate the state of womanhood on all scopes. The result is an album chock full of acid-laced lines and thought-provoking perspective. “Ms. Behave” epitomizes all of this.

“Ms. Behave” appears on Ms. Behave, out April 6th and available now for pre-order.

-Taylor Wallace// Host, Thursdays 8p-11p & Saturdays 2p-6p; Producer, Eklektikos with John Aielli

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