Scenery: “Radio Beach”

Richard Kentopp is a multi-instrumentalist with a lengthy Austin resume. He’s spent time in Brazos, Belaire, the Mole People (full disclosure: I used to play in the Mole People with him), and more, while also running his own home studio. Kentopp’s new project is called Scenery, featuring a few other Austin scene veterans. In the time I’ve know him, he’s always impressed me with his musical versatility, touching on hardcore punk, psychedelia, and indie pop.

On their debut single “Radio Beach,” Scenery takes its cues from new wave, matching a snappy rhythm to serrated guitars. Kentopp says he was inspired by hearing a favorite Tom Petty song, but the power-pop is filtered through a punctured haze. “Back to reality,” he sings, “And the money that I need.” Download the song below, and catch Scenery at the Mohawk on Thursday, July 16. Doors at 9 p.m.

–Art Levy

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