Summer Magic: “Charles de Gaulle in the Afternoon”

Over the past decade Kevin Bachmann has become somewhat of a household name in the St. Louis music scene; he’s been a member of three well-known groups but he’s also recently taken the reins as frontman for his new project, Summer Magic. Bachmann’s talent is ever present but there’s no denying that Summer Magic is a considerable departure from the sounds he’s been associated with for years. Troubadour Dali was soaked in shoegaze, Lapush flirted with rock and pop, and Jon Hardy & The Public was straight up roots rock, yet Summer Magic is a completely different breed. Bachmann’s spent the past two years on “his baby”, the debut album from Summer Magic, Sharks and Other Dangers. These eight songs showcase Bachmann like we’ve never heard before: bright melodies, fuzzy guitars and compositions that aren’t just accessible, they’re catchy as hell!

Sharks and Other Dangers comes out on Friday! Treat yourself right with a previously unheard song from Summer Magic, “Charles de Gaulle in the Afternoon”.

Jack Anderson

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