The Bright Light Social Hour: “Ouroboros ’20”

With acts like Spoon, White Denim, and Explosions in the Sky, Austin’s “indie rock sound” has become more and more of a defined style. But while those groups have leaned further into the radio bait pop realm, The Bright Light Social Hour has continued to carve their own niche with a sweet but sinister set of sonics, in part through their own deeply personal and traumatic healing process surrounding the death of their manager a half decade back.

These well seasoned Studio 1A veterans drop Jude: Vol. II this Friday and in doing so the quartet’s revisited and reworked something off 2015’s Space Is The Place, at the very least to shake things up in these monotonous self-quarantined times for Jude: Vol. II‘s fifth track, “Ouroboros ’20”!

Ouroboros '20

The Bright Light Social Hour

Jack Anderson

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