The Peach Kings: “Be Around”

When Paige Wood and Steven Dies initially met in San Francisco a few years ago, they had no idea how deep their connection would go. Almost immediately, the two started creating music, sharing a love of Roy Orbison and Portishead, pop and trip-hop. Digging deeper, they found out that Wood’s grandmother actually taught Dies’ mom back in Texas. This kind of bond soon carried over to their work as the Peach Kings.

Now based in L.A., the Peach Kings are readying their new EP, Mojo Thunder, out June 3. The duo work together in their practice space, slowly building songs around scraps of guitar riffs that Dies writes. On “Be Around,” you can hear hip-hop as a major influence. The song unfolds with a hypnotic groove, marrying heavy beats with Dies’ bluesy guitar style and Wood’s fiery performance.

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