Venus Loves Mars: “Is It Time?”

When soon-to-be-newlyweds exchange vows, they’re typically talking in terms of for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, or in sickness and in health. But for more creatively-charged couples it goes without saying that there’s also a dedication to high-quality collaboration, through thick and thin.

Take for instance native Austinites Mac and B McNally, who’ve been inseparable since the mid-’90s. After nearly three decades together and countless individual hours performing with other groups, these unapologetic lovebirds have recently formalized their undying bond with a new musical project, Venus Loves Mars. So far they’ve maintained that exceptional standard of quality likely unspoken during their marital exchanges; in 2021 they recorded their first-ever single “The Score” with Chris “Frenchie” Smith at The Bubble, and this year they’ve teamed up with Grammy winner Beto Martinez at Leche House.

Martinez’ idiosyncratic contributions to Grupo Fantasma and Caramelo Haze lends a subtly cinematic Latin-psych flair to the power couple’s still-evolving classic-soul-meets-garage-rock style, which we’ll hopefully hear more of on VLM’s upcoming debut seven-song EP. #VLM4EVER is set for release this July, a new music video is in the works, and ahead of a live appearance tomorrow afternoon at No Filter Fest, Venus Loves Mars begs an important question, whose implied answer is best left unsaid in lieu of repeat listens, “Is It Time?”

Is It Time?

Venus Loves Mars

Venus Loves Mars: “Is It Time?”

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