Weaves: “Hulahoop”

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Whilst doing our due-diligence to bring you the best and brightest new music, we happened upon Canada’s Weaves. Fronting the group is singer Jasmyn Burke, a mover and shaker on the Toronto music scene from which her new band sprung. From around 2009 to sometime in 2012, Burke led the band RatTail, former labelmates of bandied-about Canadian acts Makeout Videotape (which included Song of the Day alum Mac DeMarco) and the rocking B.C. duo Japandroids. After RatTail called it quits, Burke hooked up with Morgan Waters, a musician who played in the Toronto-based band Sweet Thing. Waters is also a comedian-slash-writer-slash-actor who’s appeared all over Canadian TV (including a stint with his very own CBC show).

Weaves doesn’t have a long history as a band, but they are already generating a little steam-heat off tracks like their latest single “Motorcycle,” (out on Toronto’s Buzz Records) the number that hooked us on Weaves after Vice’s Noisey blog picked it up. “Motorcycle” led us to “Hulahoop,” a tune they released earlier this spring. With its sweet, lazy pace, “Hulahoop” is a very different song than the jittery, break-neck New Wave of “Motorcycle.” But the two songs do share similar DNA. Even though “Hulahoop” takes its time and “Motorcycle” goes to warp nine, there’s fun in both tunes. There’s also a spunky weirdness as well as a willingness to follow the sounds no matter where they go. It definitely grabbed us by the scruff of the neck, and, we’re pretty sure it will do the same to you.

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