Austin Music We’re Loving

Four new songs from Austin artists that we can’t get enough of.

by Taylor Wallace-Riegel

Font – “Sentence I”

Who knew Austin had its own version of Yard Act? The five-piece of twentysomethings have barely over a year together under their belt, and with only one song available, it’s a perfect tease to get you to their next show. A simple, yet catchy guitar hook surrounded by a moving bass line and vocalist Thom Waddill’s animated vocals, punctuated with chanting and playful enunciation. It’s not easy to be a standout amongst the popular resurgence of post-punk, but Font, you have my attention.


Jedi512 – “Big Texas”

Our KUTX Artist of the Month (powered by PNC Bank) appeared on my radar the way a lot of Austin hip-hop does: through the Confucius and Fresh Seal of Approval. Tyler Murray, AKA Jedi512, grew up with a taste for rap battles and spent years building a vocabulary and perfecting his flow. “Big Texas” showcases those skills over a laid-back tempo and a soulful beat; Murray’s bars flow smoothly while deftly maneuvering syncopated lines without breaking a sweat.

Check out Jedi512’s My KUTX where he digs through the crates of his influences and learn more about Murray’s long road from making mixtapes to making his stage debut this year in his interview with Music Editor Jeff McCord.


The Bright Light Social Hour – “Lifers Only”

“Lifers Only” is like a literal interpretation of the water and oil color shows you see on the ceiling of tents at a psych fest…or a DIY show in Marfa. On their latest single, the stalwart figureheads of Austin music bring textures as rich and captivating as the cover art of their new record, Emergency Leisure. The layered guitar riffs and their signature Texas-flavored psych rock have space to stretch and breathe while the bass and snare lines push the momentum forward. Like a long expanse of desert highway at sunset, it’s beautiful and seemingly endless, but also gives you a little bit of “mmph” to push through the last hour.


Lesly Reynaga: “A Lo Alto”

“A Lo Alto” sounds like Selena with a modern, Rosalia edge. I’m still translating the lyrics, but I don’t need them to understand and embrace its energy. This is a song for every step of your ladies’ night. From getting ready and psyching yourself up in the mirror; to charging up your fierce female energy in the car, and, of course, on the dancefloor. “A Lo Alto” is a beautiful modern pop-mariachi, bringing the sound to new audiences (like this year’s Lollapalooza) and reminding those who grew up around it that it can be as fresh and modern as it is traditional.


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