Eagles of Death Metal “God of Thunder”

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If you aren’t familiar with Eagles of Death Metal, maybe understanding their name is the best place to start. There are no gurgling vocals or eviscerating blast beats here. In other words, they are not a death metal band. If they were, they would be the Eagles of death metal…The Eagles as in Don Henley, “Hotel California,” “I had a rough night and I hate the fuckin’ Eagles, man.”

Okay, now that we’re on the same page, Eagles of Death Metal were born out of Palm Desert, CA; home of the desert rock scene with bands like Kyuss and Queens of the Stone Age (the latter shares members with Eagles of Death Metal). Imagine a fuzzier, more psychedelic version of stoner rock–that’s desert rock, and Eagles of Death Metal put on both a desert rock and cover song clinic with their speedy fuzzed-out version of KISS’ “God of Thunder.”


In the past decade, Gene Simmons’ ego has made it nearly impossible for me to enjoy KISS. The final straw was when he and Starchild booted Ace and the Cat Man from the band, only to replace them with imposters wearing the same makeup. Fortunately Eagles of Death Metal have come to the rescue with a blistering cover of one the most ridiculous songs in the KISS canon. Problem solved.

-Rick McNulty

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