Music News 4.19.16

Adele for Babies

Adele joins the ranks of Coldplay, Taylor Swift, Maroon 5, and nearly 70 others as the newest artist to be featured on the Rockabye Baby! Series: a brand that reimagines the songs of today’s megastars into lullabies…and has sold over 1.6 million units doing so. Look for the 12-track Lullaby Renditions of Adele on April 29th.




Elton John Most Charitable of UK’s Wealthy

The UK’s Sunday Times has revealed its “Sunday Times Giving List,” a honored distinction derived from the publication’s annual Rich List. In total, the UK’s wealthy gave away upwards of 2.66 billion pounds (that’s $3.26 billion US dollars) in the last 12 months, and sitting at the top of that list by a wide margin, Sir Elton John takes the honor, having donated the equivalent of $38 million US. Other musicians in the top 10? Coldplay, Ringo Starr, One Direction, and Queen guitarist and drummer Brian May and Roger Taylor.





Research Shows Freddie Mercury Truly Had Unparalleled Singing Voice

And on that note, a study done by a group of Czech, Austrian, and Swedish researchers was published over the weekend concerning the late Freddie Mercury. They sought to prove once and for all that the singer really did hone an unparalleled singing voice, and they did just that. Using a combination of interviews with Mercury, the talent of internationally renowned vocal coach Daniel Zangger-Borch, and a myriad of science, analytics, and procedures laid out in their report, the group determined that while Mercury sang in a predominately tenor register, his voice actually sat as a baritone. What’s more, they were able to determine that Freddie Mercury was most likely able to employ subharmonics, a singing style typically only tapped into by Tuvan throat singers. One last image to put this all into perspective: Mercury was literally able to vibrate his throat in ways even Pavarotti couldn’t. Read the full study here.




-Taylor Wallace

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