Music News 5.2.16

Levitation Rectification Fest

When Levitation Fest got cancelled last Thursday, the entire city had a reaction to the heartbreak and rose to the occasion to rectify the loss. Venues like Mohawk, Scoot Inn, Barracuda, and even KUTX’s Studio 1A did all they could to bring in as many orphaned acts as possible for mostly $5 per show. Despite the drawback of out-of-towners having to compete with Austin’s ruthless residents for tickets to the replacement shows, a real sense of community and caring overcame the city and the a couple of choice social media accounts allowed would-be festival goers to share news, sell tickets, and to make alternate plans for the weekend. In the end, Austin rose to the occasion and the love reaction resonated all through the city.




Radiohead Fades in What Fans Hope Is the Dawn of LP9.

Radiohead has made their Internet presence disappear completely. Their Facebook: blank. Twitter: blank. Thom Yorke’s twitter: also blank. *insert Eraser joke* Even their website spent a few hours gradually fading to all white, where it remains. This happened yesterday, one day after people received a leaflet in the mail with the phrase “Sing the song of sixpence that goes Burn the Witch we know where you live.” And all of this just a a couple of weeks after learning that a new album is in our midst. Something is about to happen…but in how long? LP9 we are waiting and ready.




“Megafest” On Coachella Grounds Confirmed.

What did pop-up on Facebook over the weekend was a round of confirmation teasers about the upcoming so-called “Megafest” on the Coachella grounds this October. Bob Dylan, Roger Waters, the Who, Paul McCartney, and the Rolling Stones all uploaded 30ish second semi-cryptic videos that all had one thing in common: they all ended with the word “October.” This is as good a confirmation as any that the festival is happening, but the next great question is, “who will be able to afford to go?”

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-Taylor Wallace

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