Music News 6.5.17

One Love Manchester Raises Funds, Spirits

More than $3 million was raised last night at the One Love Manchester concert that took place at the Old Trafford cricket field just outside of the city. The concert was by all accounts a complete success, which is especially impressive considering the two-week time frame and the concert’s bill.

Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber, Coldplay, Marcus Mumford, Robbie Williams, Take That, Imogen Heap, Pharrell Williams, and Oasis’ Liam Gallagher took the stage in support of the 22 dead, dozens wounded, and thousands traumatized by the suicide bombing that took place two weeks prior during an Ariana Grande concert at Manchester Arena.

The $3 million plus was raised by those attending the 50,000 or so sold-out concert, though many were attending the concert for free as part of a charitable move from Ariana Grande to those who attended the attacked concert two weeks ago.

The live broadcast drew the largest audience of any television program so far this year, with peak numbers at 14.5 million, but that number doesn’t include those who live streamed the event via YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook. Media sources and persons in attendance agree: the message of love was potent and the healing was almost tangible.



Dan Wilson – Solo At Last

Dan Wilson made a name for himself in 90s fronting Semisonic, and while you maybe haven’t heard anything new performed by him in over a decade, you’ve almost definitely heard songs he’s written.

Wilson has spent most of the 00s behind the scenes, writing and co-writing songs for people like Adele, Taylor Swift, the Dixie Chicks, Spoon, Weezer, and most recently, Halsey. He’s taking some of his favorite ticks on his hearty and impressive list of song-writing accomplishments and releasing them on his new solo album doing his own covers of the songs he wrote for other musicians.

Included on the tracklist are Adele’s “Someone Like You,” Taylor Swift’s “Treacherous,” Mike Doughty’s “Your Misfortune,” John Legend’s “You and I,” and yes, the last song on the album is “Closing Time.” Re-Covered is out August 4th.



-Taylor Wallace

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