Music News 5.9.16

Austin Thrice Makes Consequence of Sound’s Greatest American Music Venues List

Austin is one of the most frequent cities featured in Consequence of Sound’s 100 Greatest American Music Venues. 3 of the city’s cornerstone venues are featured on the list published by one of the nation’s most looked-to sources for music and music news. The Moody Theater and Mohawk were in the top 50, with Stubb’s coming in the top 10 at number 6.




F.D.A. Uses Hip-Hop in it’s Latest Anti-tobacco Campagin

The F.D.A. has launched its latest teen-targeted anti-tobacco campaign, and its recruited hip-hop as its vessel. The F.D.A. has enlisted a number of hip-hop singers, rappers, DJs, beat boxers, and the like to offer a sincere and relatable public health campaign targeted towards minority demographics who apparently disproportionately suffer the consequences of smoking. Their “you can be hip-hop and tobacco free” message may need some re-wording, but the message is actually sinking in with black, Latino, and other minority teen groups, who said they recognized and appreciated that the ads really were relatable: kids who look, dress, and speak like they do talking about not smoking cigarettes, but not making a thing out of it: in other words, being cool. While the ads have primarily been shown on the BET network and hip-hop concerts and festivals, the campaign is set to launch to a more mainstream market.




The 10,000 Sample Tower of Sound

Listen closely…what you’re hearing is composer Joseph Bertolozzi’s latest piece. It’s the composition of 10,000 percussive samples coming from one body: the Eiffel Tower. Bertolozzi spent 4 months tapping, strumming, thumping, and banging on every part of the Tower from base to summit. Not looking for any one sound in particular, Bertolozzi struck and cataloged every surface, and used the raw samples to compose A Thousand Feet of Sound, which you can hear in full here.


US composer Joseph Bertolozzi


-Taylor Wallace

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