All This Bad Wiring

Just before his music came swooping in for a cerebral crash, like a flying brick aimed at the third eye, your humble Austin Music Minute host actually first heard about Jeffrey Lewis though a big pile of Fuff.

That would be, Fuff the comic series, written and illustrated by Lewis himself. The mind leaps from page to page of brilliant, awesomely ludicrous insanity. Issue #0 is available, by the way – the reissue, it should be said (original copies are a bit rarer) – and its title says it all. COME TO MY SHOW. Fine. I will. Thanks for the flyer.

In addition to being the creative wizard of said graphic novels, Lewis also happens a longtime favorite amongst his songwriter peers, some of whom you might recognize – one Jarvis Cocker (Pulp), Paul Banks (Interpol), and the late David Berman (Silver Jews, Purple Mountains) are included on that long list. The New York City artist’s self-deprecating humor is the fuel for his creative fires, stoked by the demons that plague him, the Bad Wiring in the system. And, with the very same open-hearted candor, Lewis incorporates much of his artwork and storytelling into his live performances to outstanding effect.

Tonight, you can see Jeffrey Lewis and the Voltage perform at Cheer Up Charlie’s, 901 Red River, which means you’ll also probably see him working the merch table. You should go say hi. Batty Jr. and David Israel compliment the bill perfectly. Doors at 9 p.m. This one is so recommended.

-Image courtesy of the artist.

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