And Now, The Destroyer

It’s a wonder Taylor Wilkins isn’t losing his mind, or passing out from sheer exhaustion. Although he would argue that insanity might play a role in making music, but that’s another conversation for another time…

The local songwriter juggles his own time between shredding mightily with his band Otis the Destroyer, and striking softer tones with the more stripped-down Otis Wilkins. Yet Wilkins moves easily from crooning heart-achingly beautiful tracks to annihilating your eardrums with face-melting rock. It just comes naturally from this multi-faceted talent.

Now it’s the Destroyer’s turn to take over the room. Catch Otis the Destroyer tomorrow night at Hotel Vegas, 1501 E. 6th St., with Midcentury, Megafauna, and Ama. The music starts after 9 p.m. So recommended.

-Photography by by Austin Price for KUTX.

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